Archiving Policy

  1. Introduction

The Competitive Research Journal Archive (CRJA) recognizes the importance of preserving and providing access to scholarly research in the field of competitive studies. This Archiving Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the archiving of journals within the CRJA.

  1. Scope

This policy applies to all journals hosted within the CRJA platform, regardless of their subject matter or publication frequency.

  1. Archiving Objectives

The primary objectives of the archiving policy are:

 To ensure the longterm preservation of scholarly research published in CRJA journals.

 To provide perpetual access to archived content for academic and research purposes.

 To adhere to best practices in digital preservation and archiving standards.

  1. Archiving Process

 Upon acceptance for publication in a CRJA journal, articles are immediately archived in a secure digital repository.

 Archived content is stored using industrystandard formats and technologies to ensure longterm accessibility and compatibility.

 Regular backups of the archive are performed to safeguard against data loss or corruption.

 Access to the archived content is provided through the CRJA website, ensuring ease of retrieval for researchers and scholars.

  1. Access Policies

 Archived content within CRJA is freely accessible to all users, promoting the dissemination of knowledge and fostering academic collaboration.

 Access to archived content is not restricted by subscription or membership requirements.

 Authors retain copyright of their work, and archived content is made available under appropriate openaccess licenses to facilitate reuse and redistribution.

  1. Preservation Strategies

 CRJA employs robust preservation strategies to mitigate the risk of data loss or degradation over time.

 Regular monitoring and assessment of the digital repository infrastructure are conducted to ensure continued effectiveness.

 In the event of technological obsolescence or platform migration, efforts will be made to transfer archived content to new systems while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.

  1. Metadata and Indexing

 Comprehensive metadata describing each archived article is maintained to facilitate discovery and retrieval.

 Archived content is indexed by major academic search engines and databases, enhancing its visibility and discoverability within the scholarly community.

  1. Review and Revision

 This Archiving Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure alignment with evolving best practices and technological advancements.

 Stakeholder feedback and input will be solicited during the review process to inform policy updates.