Technological Disruption And Its Effects On Competitive Dynamics


  • Naveed Akhtar Sukkur Institute of Science and Technology Author
  • Madiha Raheem Sukkur Institute of Science and Technology Author


The rapid advancement of technology has significantly impacted various industries, leading to profound changes in competitive dynamics. This paper examines the multifaceted effects of technological disruption on competition within different sectors. Drawing on a comprehensive review of literature and case studies, it explores how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things have reshaped traditional business models and market landscapes.The analysis reveals that technological disruption has ushered in a paradigm shift in competitive dynamics, challenging established players while providing opportunities for new entrants. Key factors contributing to this transformation include accelerated innovation cycles, increased market volatility, and heightened customer expectations for personalized and efficient solutions. Moreover, the proliferation of digital platforms has intensified competition by enabling agile startups to rapidly scale and capture market share.Furthermore, the paper highlights the importance of strategic responses to technological disruption for firms aiming to thrive in this dynamic environment. These responses encompass proactive investment in research and development, strategic alliances, and agile organizational structures that foster innovation and adaptability. Additionally, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and experimentation is essential for firms to navigate uncertainty and capitalize on emerging opportunities.




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