Comparative Analysis Of Marketing Strategies In The Hotel Sector


  • Fariha Hassan Department of Management and Accounting Finance University of Peshawar Author


The hotel industry is highly competitive, with establishments vying for market share through effective marketing strategies. This study conducts a comparative analysis of marketing strategies employed by hotels to gain insights into their effectiveness and impact on business performance. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, both qualitative and quantitative data were collected from a sample of hotels across different segments and geographical locations. The qualitative analysis explores the diverse marketing tactics adopted, including digital marketing, loyalty programs, pricing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives. Meanwhile, the quantitative analysis assesses the relationship between these strategies and key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, revenue per available room (RevPAR), and customer satisfaction scores. Findings reveal variations in marketing approaches based on factors such as hotel size, target market, and location. Moreover, the study identifies best practices and emerging trends in hotel marketing, shedding light on areas for improvement and strategic opportunities for industry players. Ultimately, this research contributes to a deeper understanding of effective marketing strategies in the hotel sector and provides valuable insights for practitioners and academics alike.




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