Analyze The Effects Of The Global Economic Recession On Business Competitiveness


  • Yasir Ahmed School of Economics, Chaman Institute of Economical Sciences Author


The global economic recession has been a significant disruptor in the landscape of business competitiveness across industries worldwide. This paper seeks to analyze the multifaceted impacts of the recession on business competitiveness, exploring various dimensions including market dynamics, financial performance, strategic adaptation, and innovation. Through a comprehensive review of literature and empirical evidence, this study aims to provide insights into how businesses have navigated the challenges posed by the recession and adjusted their strategies to maintain or enhance their competitive positions. Additionally, the research examines the role of government policies, industry regulations, and international trade dynamics in shaping the competitive landscape amidst economic downturns. By synthesizing theoretical frameworks with practical examples and case studies, this analysis offers valuable implications for businesses, policymakers, and researchers seeking to understand and address the effects of economic recessions on business competitiveness in a global context.




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